Mseto Campus Celebrities-Meet The Face Of Ku Tv Tabitha Milliar.


Meet Tabitha Milliar, a 24 year old beauty who is taking Tv anchoring to a whole different level.The soft spoken,eloquent and beautiful Ku Tv reporter/anchor is a German history graduate who is currently furthering her German studies at Goethe Institute.


Tabitha has been on Tv for quite a number of months now and has managed to warm the hearts of many with her charming Tv personality not only in KU but across the country.


On how she got to Tv, “I had to interview like many other hopefuls, go through rigorous training and of course sacrifice.I am not yet there but I know with time I will work for my dream Tv Deutsche Welle (DW) in Germany,” she says.


The beauty  who hosts the Ku Tv Wednesday breakfast show and Weekend bulletins is also a pro swimmer,avid researcher of German history and a Fashion showcase model.


Working on yourself is not Selfish it is the best thing you could ever do to yourself.

Tabitha Milliar


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