Top 10 Baddest Producers in Kenya Currently:


Kenyan music has become a big deal in the continental entertainment scene and it is gradually gathering momentum to get where it was few years ago. These are officially the finest producers in Kenya at the moment. Let me say as at the time of putting this piece together, they are responsible for almost all the hit songs currently making waves in the country and beyond. This list and rating aims at shedding spotlight on the big names behind the creative direction of music-making process in Kenya.
JACKY B (@jacky_b_producer)
Jacob Otieno alias Jacky B has cemented his name as one of the well-established gospel music producers industry in the country. From his time a as a rookie to date, he has worked with Dunco, Ecko Dydda , Pitson, Jimmy Gait , Daddy Owen, Esther Wahome, Size 8, Beryl Owano, Matonya and Janet Otieno among many others.

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