You will Be Shocked Why ELANI Had Gone Silent For A Long Time.(MUST READ) #ElaniSpeaks


As one of the best bands in town, Elani has come a long way to establish itself as a young, brilliant and vibrant group whose style of music  has stole hearts of many people out there. However their road in the music industry has not been that easy, its been full of ups and downs.Today the trio released a video explaining to  why they have not released any new music for the past year.

Elanis’s Maureen Kunga , Bryan Chweya and Wambui Ngugi

Despite   having a successful  music career in 2014 ,  you will be surprised that Elani were paid only 31, 000 from MSCK . Its main aim is to  collect revenues from radio stations, tv stations, clubs, bars, public transport, shops then distribute the cash among the artists based on how much their music is played. Elani were paid a mere Ksh 31,000 by MCSK for royalties they got from airplay in 2014.

In the video, Elani point out how corrupt MSCK is. Also in the video,they  want the music body to be giving correct Music Logs to artists on how their music is played, since it’s evident that they usually give out False logs ending up underpaying  the signed artists.For instance   when   Elani asked for the music logs showing how often their music was played. They were given two different sets of logs for the same period of time.

Watch the Elani Video Below~~>#ElaniSpeaks Video

They are not the first to complain about MCSK. Ringtone has also complained and done demonstrations while Pitson was just paid Ksh 5,000 in royalties after Lingala ya Yesu mega hit.

You will remember that Late last year, MCSK boss Maurice Okoth was arrested for colluding with his wife’s company to steal money from the society that  sparked a debate in the media.

But the Big question we would ask, why does MSCK want to reap from where they didn’t sow? It’s high time the society should stop the alleged corruption.

Under the hashtag #ElaniSpeaks, Kenyans expressed their disappointment on  MSCK treats artists , here are some of the tweets.


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