In Nairobi For The Weekend?Here Is Your Ultimate Weekend Plan.

Nairobi-Ultimate Weekend Plan

Are you in Nairobi over this weekend-Then this is your ultimate weekend plan.The Kenyan theater bigwigs Festival Of Creative Arts will be staging yet another International super thrilling Masterpiece-NUTS+.

NUTS+ is an Explosive yet hilarious ADULT suspense and psychological drama as perverted Step-father ruins daughter’s life amidst wanton sexual abuse, family and social power dynamics. Having been deserted by her biological father at an early age, Claudia was adopted by stepfather Donald, who immediately began to sexually molest her and continued unabated over the years while her biological mother passively looked on without intervening. She finally escaped from his stranglehold and deserted her home. But In the struggle to survive and in response to the ever tormenting secret, she prostituted herself openly and publicly…then murders a client who forcefully tried to rape her…

Festival Of Creative ARts

The cast is a team of professional actors (Nungo Marrianne, Angel ‘Miss Morgan’ Waruinge, Hellena Waithera, Bilal Wanjau, Bilal Mwaura, Mourad Sadat, Dr. Pepe Otieno and Bokeba Mbotela) while the artistic director is Esther Kamba, a professional Film & Stage Plays Director. At the venue, inspection of both personnel and vehicles shall be done at the gate and door. Armed security shall be on patrol. Kenya National Theatre boasts of secure ample parking (additional parking available at Norfolk Hotel parking lot).

The play will be running till Sunday at 6.00 Pm with tickets going for only Ksh.600 (You can book yours by calling 0726-524-124)

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