Oh No!! You Won’t Believe How Much MCSK Paid GIDI GIDI MAJI MAJI For ‘Unbwogable’ And P UNIT For ‘Karee’


Yesterday ELANI took it to Social Media to Blast MCSK for the Massive Corruption, In a video the group shared on Tuesday, band members Bryan Chweya, Maureen Kunga and Wambui Ngugi explained where they’ve been for the past year. Their storybook 2014 it seems ended with the band millions of shillings in debt. “It was heartbreaking for us, because this is the thing that we love to do. And we still love to do. And we were hoping that at that moment, it would show us some love back”. According to them The cheque they received from MCSK was 31,000 Shillings roughly ($302.83)–the presumed value of a year’s worth of radio play for the successful band which honestly doesn’t make much sense. Several Artistes started sharing their Nasty Experience with the MCSK, One was Veteran Rapper GIDI GIDI famed for 2002 Smash hit ‘Unbwogable’  with his partner MAJI MAJI, ‘You Guyz Are Lucky You Got A Whooping 31k during our days we got 5k After 2 years for Unbwogable’ posted in his Twitter Account.


BONEYE of P UNIT also had this to say about MCSK ” Kindly allow me to summarize and give an example of the sad state of affairs….
# MusicMatters

3 Years ago MCSK offered to pay us 250/- for KARE
(number one song on the African Charts then) we declined the money.
After we raised issues with MCSK and held endless meetings with the CEO Maurice Okoth we were assured that a monitoring system had been acquired. The following year I received a mere 100K and the same amount to my fellow P-UNIT members. (So this 300,000/- blanket fee seems to be the ‘artists expectations management fee’ as is in Elani’s case) what followed was articles all over the media referring to P-UNIT as ‘Highest Paid’ Artists by MCSK)
It’s only until last year that it was revealed to me that the monitoring had failed ages ago.
Fact: MCSK had never communicated about the Monitoring System’s failure, so using what logs is distribution of royalties based on over the years?
When we (under MIAKE) asked for a credible firm to audit MCSK and proposed one we preferred as members, a different firm was hurriedly forced onto the members by the office bearers at MCSK at the Machakos AGM.
As a member I’m yet to see the findings of any audit yet. Which must articulate the findings on the monitoring system.
I just shared this story with fellow artists and the public not just to fight MCSK but to share my experiences and highlight a broken system and the antics used to ‘manage the artists’ expectations’ and paint a glossy picture of a rotten truth.
It’s a fight but it’s a good fight when you know pay day is coming. The heat is on and should stay on” The Debate Started by ELANI Yesterday Continues to generate mix reactions from both Music Lovers and Artistes.

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