TOP 5-One On One With Dela’s Manager Agnes Nonsizi

Agnes Taurus Music
Agnes Taurus Music

1.As an artist manager what does your job entail?

In a nutshell my job entails overseeing day to day activities of the artists. It includes a lot of phone calls, emails , research and strategy meetings, long working hours to ensure, branding, recording, promotion, industry partnership, touring, sponsorship marketing( to name but a few) goes according to plan.

2.For How long Have you been managing artists and who are some of the big names you have managed so far?

Well I never thought I have stayed for quite a while in the music industry till this question came up. Having started in 2011 at Link Video Global where I worked with Willy Paul & Mr Seed  then proceeded to Ogopa Deejays and worked with Avril, Kenzo, Mustapha, Amani, Trapee and now at Taurus Musik where my I have done serious artist management and my skills have really been sharpened under the mentorship of Sir Iyke. I have managed the talented Viola Karuri and currently managing the finest Afro Soul artist, Atemi Oyungu,  the Zambian boys Urban Hype, and the Queen of Afro Pop, Dela  under Taurus Musik label.

3.Which is that one mistake that Upcoming artists Make when Choosing a manager?

That mistake is choosing a manager who does not believe in your talent. If your manager doesn’t believe in your talent, they won’t go the extra mile to make sure you are successful. When times get rough they will neglect you and find another artist to represent.

4.What are some aspects of a Great Manager?

Well they are quite a number but the main ones are:

Resilience & patience– A manager has to be resilient because they go through a thousand no’s to get a yes for their artists

Professional: A good manager should be organized, reliable, time keeper and able to communicate  well in person and in writing.

Positive & Optimistic- A good manager should know how to motivate artists and encourage them in darkest moments.

Experienced- They ought to have some experience in the music business. They may not have managed an artist before but they should understand how the music business works from another role.

5.One word to the Upcoming artists.

Do not give up, It may sound cliché yes but fight your way up. It is not easy but it is worth it at the end.


“If it was easy everyone would do it.   Success is different for everyone, but it is definitely not an easy thing to accomplish, otherwise, everyone would do what it takes for success.”


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  • Mike Mutenyo

    one of the best female managers we have in Kenya. Very Professional and dedicated. I salute you Agnes