Here Is The New Tv Show In Kenya That Is Definitely Worth Checking Out.


Last week saw the premier of Tujaribu,a new tv show on KTN that is already causing excitement among Kenyan Tv show lovers.The show premiered just a few weeks after yet another Kenyan Production-Chini ya mnazi- primiered on the station.


Tujaribu is a modern day drama about a family of a boda boda guy named Zakariah who is married to a lawyer-Hawa but they don’t stay together.Hawa also happens to have a son from a past relationship that Zachariah has agreed to raise as the stepdad.Drama unfolds when Zakariah’s mum decides to come visit in the capital abruptly and the couple is left with no option other to move in together.The tension heightens when Zacharia’s brother, Kalu (Timothy Ndisii) decides to visit for a few days as he waits for his Certificate of Good Conduct.Asha, who is Zacharia’s Younger sister in Campus is also entangled in the Family’s non-ending Drama so is Kalu’s nephew Musa.

Tujaribu  is a creatively and well told family drama that depicts the many unique lifestyles families in the capital lead to make a living and create an impression.The cast definitely doesn’t disappoint and neither does the production-proving that the quality of kenyan tv productions is currently better positioned.

The show airs every Saturday 8.00Pm on KTN.

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