One On One With KU’s Finest Spoken Word Artist-Sheddy Poet.



1.You are ultimately the biggest Spoken word artist in KU,How long has it taken you to perfect the art?
It has taken me six months of research,sacrifice,struggle,hardwork and prayers of course.

2.Does being an Artist pay?
It pays depending on what art you pursue.Spoken word poetry pays.Art to me is a passion and profession.

3.How do you juggle school work and your career in Art?
Education is my first priority.Having a set of priorities serves it all,and above all discipline.

4.Why do you think most Campus Artists are into drugs?
I think it’s because of peer pressure and misconceptions.

5.Where do you see your art in the next five years?
In five years time I will be owning my own empire and a Mentorship school,God willing.

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