Kenya’s Edi Gathegi In New Hot Series ‘Startup’


If You Have Watched Twilight, Blacklist or X Men First Class,Well Edi’s face is not new to you. In this New Crackle techno – thriller “ StartUp .” Edi Gathegi plays Haitian -American gangster Ronald Dacey, It premiered Tuesday, Sept . 6 , 2016. 10 -episode season began Tuesday on the Crackle streaming service, you must first encounter Phil Rask , a corrupt FBI agent played by Martin Freeman, Based in Miami he ’s on the money trail of an ill-assorted trio : the computer whiz Izzy ( played by newcomer Otmara Marrero ) , who has masterminded GenCoin , a revolutionary crypto -currency ; Nick ( Adam Brody , “ The O.C . ”), a white -bread loan officer who thinks GenCoin could save the world ; and, finally , Ronald, the second -in- command of a local Haitian mob who has one eye on his rivals and the other eye on bringing crime into a digital tomorrow .


Your introduction to Ronald, when it comes , is a remarkable 3 1 / 2 – minute single shot that opens with his being awakened by one of his kids , then follows with him kissing his wife good morning in their kitchen , after which, with steely purpose , he steps outside and struts down the street of his dilapidated neighborhood to a nearby dwelling, where he tortures a hostage to get some intel he is seeking.
It ’s a beautifully cinematic interlude that gives you all the fundamentals of this chilling, charismatic character — and that immediately certifies Edi Gathegi , who portrays him , as a star on the rise . In fact , it was that scene as laid out in the script that hooked Gathegi : the way it conveyed the series ’ promise as a dramatic vehicle and a stylistic treat for actor as well as audience.
N/B Edi Mue Gathegi was born in Nairobi, Kenya, on March 10, 1979. One of three children, Gathegi’s family moved to the United States when he was young and settled in Albany, California. #EdiGathegi.

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