Gospel Artist Holy Dave denies Claims that he supported what Prezzo did to Betty Kyalo.


After Prezzo’s awkward behavior during the KTN’S Friday briefing show which sparked an online buzz with many bashing him for allegedly appearing drunk on live television, gospel   artist Holy Dave  has come out to deny  the sentiments made by one of his parody accounts  .The fake Facebook account  commented on a poll stating that many people are hating prezzo yet he is the real  president and went ahead to say that  people to stop being jealous of him.

”prezzo is the real president menn..His story is the talk of the town further more this guy is a real musician  i don’t see anything wrong with what prezzo did and anybody against him  is jealous of him..gangster and that’s how he lols  men..haha” commented the fake Holy Dave account

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However Holy Dave  came out to deny the claims by the fake account.

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During the Friday interview on KTN’s Friday Briefing , which  hosted by Betty Kyallo, Prezzo openly bragged about his family’s wealth and his expensive dressing. Prezzo went ahead complimenting Betty on her dress which seemed to anger  the talented KTN news anchor.

“I love your dress, it’s very nice,” said Prezzo, prompting Betty to respond: “I was told that by my better half (Dennis Okari) before I came in for the show.”

Prezzo added: “He always has to love you, and he is a lucky man.”

Do you think prezzo misbehaved during the  Friday Briefing show ?

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